The Life of a Wife of a Shift Worker….


My life is somewhat unusual because I live in a small country town that we moved to for my husbands work in the mines.  He is now a shift worker who works on an eight week rotation; two weeks of day shifts, two weeks off, then two weeks of night shifts and another two weeks off.  And then he starts over again.  When he is working he works 12 hour shifts for 14 days straight, 6am to 6pm or 6pm to 6am.  This means that I am home alone for about 14-15 hours each day that he is working, I pretty much just see him in bed (lol).

We consider ourselves lucky that we get to spend two weeks together as though we were on holidays every month.  This also gives us time to go to Brisbane if we want to to visit family and friends.  The other two weeks of the month though, require careful planning on my part to ensure my mental health doesn’t suffer.

Being home alone in a small town where I barely know anybody becomes very lonely, it can be stifling.  To counteract this I organise my days carefully to ensure I have lots to do, but also not too much so as to overwhelm myself.  I have certain tasks that need to be done every day and I have a checklist where I tick these things off (click t0 read my blog article called Goal Streaks App).  My day starts with a workout, then moves onto breakfast, then housework, then a power walk followed by a shower and lunch, then study and finally write a blog article if I have time before dinner, then it is time to relax!  This is my day everyday and while that may seem monotonous it actually appeals to my obsessive compulsive tendencies :).

When my husband is on his time off, I am far more flexible with my days, but I still try to achieve all of the basic elements on most days.  When he is working I consider it my job to achieve all of the elements of my schedule and in doing so I take care of myself physically and mentally and I take care of our home, our pets and my husband (as well as my readers!).  I get great satisfaction at the end of the day, when I can look back and know that I have actively contributed to my weight loss journey as well, and when I get positive results like I did this morning on the scales, I am even more determined to fulfil my two exercise schedules each day and stick to my diet.

My psychiatrist has been telling me for years that to help balance my bipolar disorder I should organise my days and schedule my tasks and I have finally truly done it.  I am hoping this will mean I will stay well for longer this time, only time will tell…but wish me luck!