Actively Staying Well

I am very lucky to be able to say that I am quite well at the moment from a Bipolar perspective.  My task then becomes actively staying well.  I am doing a number of things to this end.  I am creating normality through doing housework regularly and taking care of my physical appearance.  I am studying daily.  I am forcing myself to socialise and leave the house daily.  I am dieting and exercising to lose the huge amount of weight that I am carrying and that is what I want to share with you today.

Firstly I had to be honest with myself about where I am from a physical health perspective.  I started by weighing myself and then plugging my weight, height, gender and age into a Body Mass Index calculator and I was depressed (but not overly surprised) to find that I am obese.  The next thing I needed to know was my Base Metabolic Rate, this tells me how many calories a day I burn if I am not doing any exercise, how many you burn just ‘being’.   I burn 1750 calories a day just being.

I know from researching that in order to lose 0.5-1kg per week you need to have a calorie deficit of 1000 calories per day (for a woman).  So I then needed to decide what exercise I plan to do daily (at a minimum), for me this is walking for half an hour and doing sit-ups/push-ups/squats for half an hour.  I then researched how many calories I would burn doing this hour of exercise and I found that 300 calories would be burned at a minimum.

Push Ups

So that takes my total daily calorie burn rate to 2050, which means that I can eat 1050 calories per day and expect to lose 0.5-1kg per week.  I must state here that I am aware that the majority of nutritionists/doctors state that a minimum calorie intake of 1200 per day for a woman is healthy and I am choosing to only have 1050 with full knowledge that many people will disagree with me.  I am however allowing myself to eat more if I exercise more.  Please don’t leave negative comments about this choice of mine, I appreciate your concern but this is the decision I have made.

Happy Scale

So this is the beginning of my weight loss journey and I will share my milestones with you.  I am using an App called Happy Scale to record my weight weekly, it is a great app because it averages your weight across time to give you a more accurate reading.  It will be very interesting to see whether I actually lose as much weight as the calculators say I should.  But at least I am trying and I am doing it with my eyes open, it’s never easy to admit you’re obese but I’m hoping that sharing my weight loss strategies will help someone, which will make my embarrassment worth while!