An Extraordinarily Ordinary Day

Today began like any other “night shift” day….After staying up until 1am, I woke up at 5am, fed all the animals and had my breakfast while I waited for my hubby to get home from work.  I was so happy when he got home that I giggled like a school girl, while I showed him a picture of the acid burned arse of a male friend of ours.  He laughed for quite a few minutes, our friend is so accident prone and then I gave him a short list of things I needed him to do before he went to bed.  I got to spend about an hour and half with him before it was time for bed.  I slept from 7.30am to 11.30am and then it was time to start my chores!

I began by cleaning the kitchen and then I ventured out to do the grocery shopping and go to the chemist.  I of course had my social anxiety/agoraphobia screaming at me inside my head, but I pushed through all that and had quite a successful trip; even managing to do a reverse park which my husband always encourages me to do.  When I got home I was quite anxious and so I decided to take an hour to myself to calm my nerves.  By the end of that hour I felt very fatigued but didn’t want to go back to bed in case I disturbed my husband, so I pushed on.

Home Routines

Then I remembered my new chores app (Home Routines), so I opened it up and had a look at what my planned chores were for today.  It was great, because I had planned it all out in advance, I knew exactly what I needed to get done and I got to it.  Strangely while doing the chores I found myself starting to feel more at home in our house; I finally feel like I’m settling in.

Dan got up at 4pm and headed straight to work.  I relaxed in front of the TV and then I decided to challenge something else that causes me great anxiety, having a bath while I’m home alone.  I always worry that someone is going to break in while I’m naked and so I usually wait until my husband is home.  But I had forgotten about this during the day and because I am coming to realise how irrational my fear is, I decided to do it.  I ran myself a bubble bath and decided I would stay in it for at least 15mins.  I managed 15mins and then jumped out and was dried and dressed within seconds.  I didn’t overcome the anxiety entirely but I challenged it, which is a good start.

Bubble Bath

Having mostly achieved my objective with the bath, I was feeling enthused so I decided I would attempt to read a chapter of a book.  My ability to read is very limited at the moment due to my inability to concentrate and memory problems.  Luckily for me the chapter was 7 pages long, so I did it!  I read a chapter of a book, can’t say that I remember what I read very well though.  But again, it’s a start.  After achieving that I decided I had done enough for today and I have just been relaxing and watching TV, chatting with friends via Facebook and now, writing this blog, in the time since.

Although I feel very tired and sad for some unknown reason, I also feel satisfied that today was a day of achievements.  I feel good that I tackled things head on and gave it my best shot and I feel lucky that nothing went too wrong for me.  The rain clouds even parted when I ventured to the shops, so all in all a good day with the universe on my side.  An extraordinarily ordinary day.