Goal Streaks App – Chunking Goals into Daily ‘mini goals’ to achieve your ‘overarching goal’.

As my mood has stabilised in recent weeks and I find myself on the road to recovery, I am beginning again to set goals for myself.  A few examples – I am on a diet and am sticking to a maximum calorie intake per day, I am walking the dog for half an hour per day and I am studying towards my business certificate for an hour per day.  I am the type of person who likes to keep track of my goals so I can reward myself for effort and look back on my efforts as a gauge of how well I am (if I am managing to stick to my goals I can be confident that my mental health is on track).

I have just found an excellent app called Goal Streaks that allows you to input your goals and then keep a record of whether you have done what you need to do each day in order to accomplish your goal.  I am tracking all of my goals in this app and I can now get a visual representation of how successfully I am moving towards achieving them.


Basically you enter in a title for your goal and a short description of what you need to do each day in order to fulfil the requirements of your goal.  As an example I have a goal to “Walk the Dog” (that’s the title) and a short description “Walk the Dog for at least 30 mins”.  Then each day when I complete the action I put a cross in that date on the calendar in the app and I am finished.  The app then tells you how many days in a row you have been good for and you find yourself compelled to complete the tasks in order to extend your winning streak!

There are probably other apps that do similar things if this app isn’t quite right for you but I thought I would share my find with you in the hopes that it might inspire others to set achievable daily goals that culminate into an overarching end goal.  Chunking it down into daily ‘mini goals’ is really helping me to see that it is possible to achieve the ‘overarching goals’ and that it is less overwhelming done this way.