I feel different

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be so rewarding and inspiring to others, and that’s why I’m reblogging this article


I feel different. I’ve allowed my routines to relax. Not scumming to the intense need of black and white. Rules and answers. I’ve been spontaneous. I’ve been a little reckless. I’ve allowed fun to take over. I’ve jumped in the ocean fully dressed to see my children Smile. I lost myself in the swings at the park. I’ve picked up old hobbies especially reading and photograph,y. Ive watch movies. I’ve turned the radio up so loud that the house nearly shook. Dancing and singing. I’ve relaxed my cleaning. I’ve tried different foods. Ive gotten out if my house. Ive spoken to new people at school pick ups. Ive smiled and held my head high around people around people I’d wish not to see again. Ive allowed myself to be vulnerable to a man again. Its different. Its powerful. Its so damn rewarding.

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