18/02/2015 How I know I’m Getting Better after my Major Depressive Episode

I am at the tail end of 4 weeks of intensive Electroconvulsive Therapy followed by 2 weeks of maintenance Electroconvulsive Therapy (yet to come).  Slowly I see signs that my mood is improving.  I feel more connected with my pets again, I am taking better care of myself – with regards to personal hygiene and eating.  I am sleeping through the night (and even into the morning sometimes!).

But this morning when I woke up I had a very clear sign that I am getting better…..I woke up with a song in my head!  Sounds simple but I LOVE music and when I am unwell I lose music altogether.  I lose the desire to listen to music and especially the enthusiasm to really get into a song and feel it.  So to wake up with one of my all time favourite songs in my head this morning was a gift!  Straight away I opened Itunes and played the song and I danced and sang along, it was the most amazing feeling, so freeing.  I have been listening to music all morning now and I can officially say I have my groove back!

This is a testament to Electroconvulsive Therapy, because medication alone has not been able to do this for me for at least the past 6 months. I may have lost a considerable amount of memory, but it is worth it because I am regaining my personality. I have uploaded the song for you to listen to if you’re a country music fan! And a special “Thank You” to Marty Jones (you know why!).

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