29 December 2013

Well we have moved into our new house and it is awesome!  I have an entire walk in robe all to myself!  We have a great ensuite and a bath (got to have a bath!) and I have an office, a sewing room and guest bedroom!  Karma is thrilled too having a yard about six times the size of the last one – she played fetch with Dan today and was so excited by how far he could throw the ball.  We currently have our spare bed in the living room – as on night one we had no air con in the master bedroom and it was muggy as hell.  Now I think it is still in the living room because it’s just cool to be able to lay down and watch TV – bad habit – but who cares.

Clarisse and Mr Puppy have both settled in nicely, no signs of stress from them which is always a concern, but I think we’ve been lucky this time.  The guinea pigs on the other hand are not too happy out in the sweltering heat and if it gets any worse I’ll be bringing them inside for a holiday until the heat wave passes.

Rooms still to unpack are the office and the sewing room (not too much in that one) – but the office is a bitch of a job and I never really did it properly at the last place so good luck getting me to do it here!  Oh and i have to set up my guest room so you can all come and visit us!  We also haven’t put up any of our pictures on the walls yet – so it doesn’t quite feel like home yet but I’ll pester Dan about that tomorrow – he’s been a very busy boy installing an air con in the master bedroom, mounting the dryer in the laundry, installing hanging balls in the garage so I know how far forward to drive, fixing the pump that wasn’t working, fixing up the shower nozzles so they don’t spray water everywhere but at you and on and on it goes.  I’m very lucky to have him!

Yesterday we went and did a big clean up at the old house – a pre clean before the professional cleaner gets in there – trying to reduce how much it will cost us.  Have I told you how much I hate cleaning – urgh!  But it looks pretty good now and no damage that will affect our bond I don’t think, which is handy and we are using a lady who is actually my bosses mother-in-law who has a cleaning business, to clean the place which is good, I like to support people in my circle if you know what I mean.

Hardly anyone that I posted Christmas presents to have received them yet and it’s stressing me out!  I know I was late but I really hope they haven’t been lost or anything because well there’s goodies inside them for special people, and I want those special people to know they’re special to me!  So if you receive a package from me, let me know so I can have peace of mind!

I can’t remember the last time I exercised, VERY bad, but I will get back into it tomorrow and try to get back to a semblance of a normal healthy diet too – it all goes out the window when you’re moving house.

Well that is all from me today.

Signing out!

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