25 December 2013 CHRISTMAS DAY


What a day!  We did three loads to the new house (2 cars full each time).  We have moved about 1/4 of our stuff, but we didn’t even start till lunchtime because Dan got called into work last night. So tomorrow we may even get it all done – fingers crossed!

It was eery driving around town today with absolutely everything being shut and not a car or person in site. I definitely felt left out of the Christmas spirit!  Really missed seeing friends and family today.

The new house is great, I can’t wait to start living there.  It is a four bedroom single story brick house.  The master bedroom has an ensuite and a walk in robe (which is mine – Dan gets to keep his clothes in a cupboard in the hallway – no joke!), then we have one room as a spare bedroom, one as an office and one as my sewing room – for when I eventually start my millinery course.  The living area is larger than our current one too which is great because the birds will have more room to stretch their wings lol.  The back yard is ginormous which will be great for Karma and the guinea piggies and we have a double lock up garage so we can park both our cars inside.   Once we get it all set up I’ll take some photos and upload them.

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic day today and Dan and I send all our love.

Bring on New Years Eve!

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