20 December 2013

Well today has been joyous!  Got to work at 9 and we had pancakes for breakfast, which was great except for the fact that I’m hypoglycaemic and shortly thereafter had very low blood sugar.  I got the shakes so bad and my mind went to fuzz and my lips tingling.  I had to get my co-worker to go out and get me some solid food (non-sugary) and then I decided to go home for a bit to wait for it to settle down.  Thankfully it did and then I had to go back to work for an important meeting.  The meeting was quite stressful and I didn’t handle it well due to my generally feeling miserable and shaky.  Then to top it off I realised I’d have to take work home to do over the weekend because it is urgent and I won’t have time to do it all on Monday (the last day before we go on Christmas break).  So now my weekend is full of house work and work work and no fun at all.  Not to mention I have to start packing because we are moving house on Christmas day.  So overall it’s crappy and I hope to hell I wake up feeling better than this tomorrow morning.

I hope you all had a better day today than I did!  Answer my poll and let me know!

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