Christmas is Coming!

I have sent out most of my Christmas cards now to friends and family.  A few have received theirs and I am really glad they are warmly received.  Those of you still waiting….be patient, (hopefully) they’re worth the wait!

To those people who I’ve already received cards from, thank you very much they made me smile and brightened up my day, plus they put me in the festive spirit which is rare for me!

Counting down to Christmas holidays at work now, 4 work days to go.  I’m actually unhappy about this break for three reasons, I don’t want the work piling up in my absence, plus I have to move house on my ‘holidays’ and I don’t get paid because I’m casual.  😦

I have finally placed the final order for Mums present (which is her 60th plus Christmas Plus Plus Plus).  I have been backwarding and forwarding with the designer for over a month and I have finally made a decision!  Now I am nervous as hell waiting for it to be made and delivered to her – and then awaiting her reaction.  Buying presents can be so stressful!

So here’s to Christmas coming towards us like a steam train!

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