Friday the 13th of December 2013 (Freaky!)

Well my animals have been spoilt rotten this week.  The guinea pigs are now getting mounds of fresh lucerne every day.  Mr Puppy has a fresh seed mix which he is hoeing into.  Karma got the biggest bone of her life –

Biggest Bone of My Life
Where do I start?

And Clarisse got an early Christmas present a new special chew/shred toy for large parrots and she is having a ball destroying it already! –IMG_0463Started work at 5am this morning, come 12noon I was absolutely buggered!  Went home at 1.30pm and went straight to bed!  Nanny nap for me – only to be woken up by a phone call from my doctors surgery.  I have had raised cholesterol on my last two blood tests (checking my lithium levels among other things) and it is higher again this time than it was last.  I haven’t seen the doctor yet to discuss what this really means, but I can guarantee I’m going to need to change my diet 😦 Not sure if it affects my mental health – I can’t see that it would, but I will find out all in good time.  I am just not a very patient person lol!

I have my work Christmas party this weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it, will be interesting to see everyone out of the work environment and to meet all the blokes I speak to on the phone all the time – faces to names.  I’ve changed my mind 30 times about what I should wear so I think I’ll just close my eyes and point at something to decide on the day.  I wanted to wear a green dress but that might make me look far too Christmassy!

Posted off a whole bunch of Chrissy Cards to friends and family today so some of you will be receiving a little something something soon!  Others of you have to wait because I don’t have everything I need for your cards yet – but it doesn’t mean I love you any less!

So that’s a wrap for today!  Blog again soon!