Home Budget

I recently downloaded the Apple Mac App Home Budget – this is a fantastic tool.  It is like a mini version of quickbooks and is designed for a household instead of a business.  You can create a budget as well as enter all your bills, expenses, income etc and it tells you whether you’re staying on track with your budget and gives you a few graphs etc to help you see how you’re tracking.  I would certainly recommend it.  You can also export the data so that you can do further data analysis on it – which I will be doing because I need to for my OCD.  It also tracks how much money is in each of your accounts which is handy too.  The only down side is that you have to enter every single dollar you spend into it – otherwise there is no point using it.  But since that appeals to my OCD too I don’t mind doing it!  App is available in the Apple App Store and is called Home Budget.