12 December 2013

I got paid today.  It is incredible having been out of the ‘paid’ workforce for so many years, how exhilarating it is just to be paid!  This is especially true when I consider how much I enjoy my job, I’m being paid to do something I enjoy!  I can now afford to buy a few things and save some money for a holiday.  I can afford to put extra money into my superannuation (which is pitiful thanks to 5 years of self employment).  And I can have a true budget that sees us going forward not backwards every week.  This will of course be helped significantly when our house in Brisbane is rented out again, but we are still keeping our heads above water even without that right now.

Being completely financially dependant on Dan for so long took it’s toll on my self esteem and I am really feeling much happier now that I am able to contribute and I don’t have to feel so guilty every time I buy or do anything.

So today I make a toast to financial independence!

Hey does anybody know whether the government still co-contributes if you put extra money into your superannuation?

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