10 December 2013

Today has been full of ticking off things on my to do list: Christmas Cards for friends, family and businesses I use CHECK, get documentation at work up to date CHECK, order christmas presents for friends and family I haven’t done yet CHECK, organise cleaning, pest and carpets for when we move CHECK. You get the idea.  Feels good though, there’s nothing better than achieving things you’ve been procrastinating!

Now that we’re moving I have to keep the house very clean so that when prospective tenants are shown through they’re not horrified – this is hard for me because although I have OCD, cleaning is actually not one of my obsessions – as most of you will attest to!  I’m doing my best though alright!

Moving house over the Christmas/New Year period has actually worked out well because we won’t be working so we’ll have time to do it, down side being that we can’t come to Brissy to see everyone, so EVERYONE is getting a little something from us in the mail – keep your eye out for it!

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and ordered my mums 60th birthday present – which is also her Christmas present because it’s costing me a months wages (seriously)!  But it is spectacular and I am almost certain she will love it and I am just praying that it is ready by Christmas because her birthday was in September!  (Couldn’t buy it then though because I was unemployed!).

It is REALLY HOT in Chinchilla today – I can barely stand it outside (we are lucky enough to have ducted air-con inside) – I dread to think how hot it is going to be over summer and I just pray that we have lots of afternoon storms to take the edge off.

The house in Bellbowrie is clean now (the tenants left it fairly ferral) and will be back on the market shortly for prospective tenants.  So if you know anyone (who will pay their rent and who is sane) who is looking for a nice home to live in in Bellbowrie, let me know!  It was strange when we were down in Brisbane last, seeing the house and being there when we don’t live there – makes me a bit sad, I really feel that house will always be our home; which is even more reason to be extra careful who we chose as tenants this time around.

Anyhow, that’s enough for today – will check in again soon.  Miss you all and look forward to seeing you in the new year – absolute latest March for my birthday!


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