7 December 2013

Well today is a mixed bag.  My sisters dad passed away and the funeral has just happened.  I haven’t spoken to her yet, I have left messages of support and love but will leave it to her to contact me when she’s ready.  Her dads passing has me contemplating my relationship, or lack of, with my own dad.  Contemplation that leaves me perplexed as to what I ‘should’ do.

I found my baby (grown up now) sisters on facebook and requested their friendship, but have not heard back.  I would so love to develop a relationship with them, but I have to wait till they’re ready.  Steady on Emily, steady on.

We have finally got the ‘tenants from hell’ out of our house.  Now I am arranging to have it cleaned, and carpet cleaned and pest treated – this is incredibly expensive, more than double what I had anticipated and these are costs that the tenants should have incurred.  No point suing them though as they clearly have no money or they would have paid their rent!

Dan is at a loggerhead with his parents – all drawn out of the stress of the situation with the tenants.  I hope it calms down soon, they all love each other it’s just stubbornness on Dans part!

I am really enjoying my new job.  I am so lucky to have found work that is flexible, friendly and interesting.  I am working quite a bit next week so will be tired but the pay packet will make it all worthwhile!  The best part of the job is data analysis which appeals to my OCD something fierce!

I am actually (for the first time ever) totally organised for Christmas this year.  I thought I better make the effort because I won’t be able to see people (we aren’t coming home for Christmas) because we are moving house over Christmas.  So EVERYONE is getting a little something in the post.  If you are part of EVERYONE and I forgot you I apologise in advance lol.

Well that is enough for today.  I hope someone finds a way to improve your day for you today.


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